A One Stop Destination for All Your Granny Flats Sydney!

A&A Build was established in the year 2007 and we pride in ourselves in the work that we do. Not only are we experts when it comes to the housing industry but also the amount of dedication and effort that is put by our team of experts is quite unmatched. We deliver projects that are admirable and are quite superior in the Australian standard.

We at A&A Build feel that anyone who is looking for Granny Flats Sydney can come to us because not only can we guarantee you that it will be your one stop destination in terms of design and architecture but also you will be greatly satisfied with the results.

One of our expertise lies in Granny flats and we can assure you that we are quite distinct when compared to the average Granny flat builders. A number of the investors and families all across Sydney are choosing us and one of the major reasons behind that is the fact that we value and respect the trust you put in us. You can rely on us completely to communicate and be honest with you when we take on your projects.

Trust in The Team of Experts Under A&A Builders

The team of experts at A&A Builders are trained in a way that will exceed your expectations completely. Not only do we take your priorities very seriously but we ensure that all of your needs are looked after by us. We always eagerly wait for the feedbacks from our customers which helps us to be better.

Each of the clients we work with tends to have a different vision of what they want and therefore we at A&A Builders make sure that all of the clients’ needs are looked after differently. We are quite aware that not everyone has a similar kind of budget and taste, therefore we tend to work closely with our customers in order to give them the best results possible.

With a dextrous and skilful team of designers, architects and project consultants, it is our duty to bring you the best possible results that we can. With an affordable pricing range, you can count on us from start to finish to get the job done!